How to Bet on the 2023 NFL Playoffs

Every NFL season culminates in the postseason playoffs. The sport’s best teams compete against one another with one goal in mind: making it to and winning the Super Bowl.

Online football betting is extremely popular in a variety of markets, demonstrating the sport’s international popularity and reach.



This manual will instruct you on:


How to wager on the NFL playoffs

What are the most common wagers?

Live betting during the NFL playoffs

The NFL Playoffs: An Overview



Don’t worry if you’re still trying to wrap your head around the exciting NFL playoffs if you’re a new follower of the sport. In this primer on the NFL playoffs, we explain everything you need to know.


Fact 1: The NFL Playoffs

Each of the two conferences in the NFL, the AFC and NFC, has 16 clubs.


Part Deux: The NFL Playoffs

Each league’s divisions consist of two tiers.


Pro Bowl Fact #3

All division winners qualify for the playoffs.


Fact #4: The NFL Playoffs

In addition to the division champions, the two best overall record clubs from each conference (the “wildcards”) join them.


NFL Postseason – Number Five

Teams compete in a round-robin, single-elimination competition.


Fact Number Six About the NFL Playoffs

That method determines the AFC and NFC champions.


NFL Playoffs Fact #7: The Super Bowl is played on a neutral field.


Understanding NFL Postseason Odds

Betting on NFL postseason games is the same as betting on regular season games.


The odds for the New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game, for instance, may be displayed as follows:


In the Northeastern United States

In the Northeastern United States



Jacksonville 2.25

This translates to a return of C$4 for every C$6 wagered on the Patriots (the favorites). Another option is to stake the underdog C$4 on the Jaguars and receive a C$5 payout.


While decimal odds are used here, fractional odds and moneyline odds (sometimes called American odds) are also common.


You may choose to view costs in a variety of ways on most sportsbook sites, but you should still use our handy Odds Calculator to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.


Betting Options on the NFL Playoffs

Parlay Bets

The margin of victory

The margin of victory

The point spread is the difference in points scored by both sides. The sportsbook will provide a point spread, or “handicap,” that the favorite team must overcome in order to win. The plus-sign underdog, meanwhile, must either cover the spread or triumph by more than the stated margin.


For instance: New England Patriots -5.5 1.90

Los Angeles Rams -9.5

Cincinnati Bengals +5.5 1.90

Buffalo Bills -2.5

Parimutuel betting

Parimutuel betting

There will be no advantages granted. All you have to do is predict who will win the game.


Such as the Kansas City Chiefs

Two Point Five Kansas City Chiefs

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys, 2.2

Over/under the total number of points

Over/under the total number of points

Each wager placed on a game involves the bettor predicting whether the final score will be “over” or “under” the points total set by the bookmaker.


Eg: Over 46.5 1.90 Under 46.5 1.90

The opening goal

The opening goal

Who do you think will be the first team to score a touchdown?


Specifically: 1.75 T. Brady

Free-for-all markets

Free-for-all markets

Betting is available on their performance, which may include passing, receiving, or rushing yards.


Instance: J. Edelman’s receiving yards

Over 100.5 1.90 Under 100.5 1.90

Season Odds

Success at the Divisional Level

Which NFL division winners do you anticipate? The earlier you bet, the better your chances of winning, because the odds are higher at that point.


In order to achieve success Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5) in the AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers, Champs of their Division

You can also wager ahead of time if you believe a certain team will win its conference.


Example: The Colts need to score 21 points against themselves in order to win the AFC.

Triumph in the Super Bowl

Triumph in the Super Bowl

So, you think your team has what it takes to win the Super Bowl; that’s cool. It’s time to place an early wager.


Example: The Denver Broncos’ Super Bowl odds are 41.00.

How do Live Bets work for the NFL Playoffs?

In today’s digital era, “live betting” makes it simple to wager on events as they unfold.

The odds posted by sportsbooks will shift with the ebb and flow of the activity.

The outcome of the following drive or quarter is open for wagering.

The game’s outcome is still up for betting.

This is a thrilling approach to follow the unfolding of the game in real time.




Canada’s football playoffs are a huge betting event, and it’s getting easier to place wagers on these games every year. The great majority of online gambling sites now give you the option of placing wagers on sporting events.


Check out our site for additional details about football betting in Canada.




The NFL postseason is known as what?

The postseason playoffs for the NFL’s best 12 clubs. The Super Bowl is the culmination of a series of one-game playoffs between the teams.

How do people typically wager on the NFL playoffs?



Point spread betting, in which fans try to outsmart the sportsbook, is a common kind of wagering.


Who are the top online bookmakers for the NFL playoffs?

Further up the page, you’ll find our picks for the best places to place wagers on the NFL playoffs.


When evaluating virtual casinos, we stick to a rigid set of standards. Among these include safety, legality, wager variety, and incentive programs.

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